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Airhose reels

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Please see the overview of our airehoses:

CompatiblePneumatics airhose overview (Excel file)


soft tube luchtslang

PU hose: Super soft airhose.
Diameter of 3x1,5 mm till 12x 8 mm.

harde luchtslang

PU hose: Super hard airhose.

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 16 x 12 mm.
polyether luchtslang

PU hose: Polyether airhose

Diameter of 3 x 2 mm till 16 x 11 mm.

polyester luchtslang

PU hose: Polyester airhose

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 16 x 12 mm.

spiraal luchtslang

PU hose: Spiral airhose

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 16 x 11 mm.

vlamdovende luchtslang

PU hose: Flame retardent airhose

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 12 x 8 mm.

vloeistofbestendige luchtslangen

PU hose: Liquidproof hose

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 16 x 11 mm.

harde luchtslang

Nylon 6 hose: Super hard airhose.

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 12 x 9 mm.


Nylon 12 hose: airhose.

Diameter of 4 x 2,5 mm till 12 x 10 mm.


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About CompatiblePneumatics


CompatiblePneumatics is founded by a Dutch group of technical companies that apply pneumatics.

We have a wide know how and practical experience on the area of pneumatics.


Our group exists of critical, but satisfied users and know the offered products very well.

Their is a positive, intensive cooperation with manufacturers of pneumatic components.


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